Elbow – The Seldom Seen Kid

Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid

From the very moment that Elbow began making and producing music, the world became a better place. Their debut release Asleep in the Back is one of the most impressive first releases any band has ever created. Their sound, from its inception, has been a striking showcase of emotionally charged poetry accompanied by soft and sophisticated rhythm. Every album since that 2001 release has maintained a constant level of musical integrity and lyrical freshness. Elbow’s latest album, The Seldom Seen Kid, continues along their established trajectory with songs that highlight Guy Garvey’s raspy, but complex voice. Though the overall feel of the album holds true to the essence of Elbow, the band has definitely added a new layer of substance to their music. Garvey’s words still draw attention to themes of love and loss, but this time around there is an aura of contentment to their spirit. There is a subtle sense of humor that seems to be woven into their songs; a friendly sort of punch in the arm as memories of old times and old friends are remembered. There is a nice ratio of familiar chords and harmonies to innovative additions of musical texture. “The Bones of You” integrates jagged, pounding melodies whereas “Grounds for Divorce” has a lazier, blues-inspired edge to its sound. The Seldom Seen Kid is more than beautiful poetry and novel instrumentation – it’s a heartfelt reminder to stay the course, regardless of the hardships; and to respect the integrity of emotion.

– Brigitte B. Zabak for Amplifier Magazine [May 19, 2008]

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