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Brigitte B. Zabak

Current Projects:
My creative endeavors have shifted a bit since 2012. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been working on building up a small home-based baking business. Yalla Sweets is a my most recent entrepreneurial dream and it’s been so much fun baking and sharing my sweet creations with customers, family, and friends. You can follow my cookie adventures on social media at Yalla Sweets on all platforms.

Brigitte @ YN[H]: Writing, Editing, Public Relations

Telling the Tale
I am Brigitte Zabak and I am an Idea Advocate.
I am inspired by big, visionary ideas. My passion is in the details, and I thrive in environments where I am able to help bring conceptual dreams from the blueprint stage to production.

I develop strategies tailored to each project, and lead teams of talented people to ensure that goals are met and visions are being actualized. My roles in politics, the nonprofit world, and media relations have been expressions of my intrinsic desire to help, nurture, and lead meaningful projects to completion. I want to make an impact. I want to help amazing visionaries transform their big ideas into reality.

Please see my resume to learn more about the work I’ve done.

You Think You Know…
1. Five talents I possess: writing, listening, organizing, obsessing, transforming
2. Five publications where my byline can be found (past & present): Free Press Houston, HATER Magazine, Soundcheck Magazine, Houston Press & Space City Rock
3. Five words I simply cannot live without: surreptitious, love, juxtapose, oscillate, fabulous
4. Five punctuation marks I love to use: the interrobang (?!), the ellipsis (…), the dash (–), the period (.) and the asterisk (*)
5. Five musicians/bands that make me swoon: The Smiths, Doves, Jeff Buckley, Lower Dens, PJ Harvey

The Woman Can Write!
Zayt and Za’atar – http://www.zaytandzaatar.com/

Stalk Away…
Twitter – http://twitter.com/BrigitteZ
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/brigitte.zabak
LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/in/brigittezabak
Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/brigittez/

Your Name Here Media

YN[H] Media – The History
Your Name [Here] Media began in the summer of 2008 in Houston, Texas as the answer to a growing need.

Although I have never really possessed the desire to be a musician (and no, high school choir competitions do not, in fact, count), I often dreamt of finding some way to combine my passion for music with the one thing I loved, and was good at, doing – writing. It took  a little bit of courage and a lot of persistence to find my first opportunity, but before long I could say with confidence that I was, officially, a published writer.

I wrote and edited (still do) for a wide variety of publications (many of them local) over the years. And while I enjoyed the writing and the chance to stay connected to new music, I found that more and more of Houston’s most talented musicians were using publicists outside of town to help them spread the word about their work. I’d often receive press releases about a new local album or an upcoming local show that lacked a certain something, and soon began to wonder if those missing pieces were a result of a lack of proximity. Being that I was both a native to the city and a huge music nerd that still resided in town, I had the opportunity to interact with Houston bands in a more meaningful way. I knew Houston music on a different level because I was able to spend time at shows and occasionally interact with local musicians when we’re out and about – be it at a bar, a show, or another local event.

Houston has a vibrant music scene that has only grown over the years. However, like with everything else about this city, we’re often overlooked. I wanted to change that. I wanted to take the stories I’d been writing about musicians and the music they made to another level. I wanted to help put Houston and its music on the proverbial map and I was going to do it through Your Name [Here] Media. I partnered with a fellow writer, music lover, and all-around badass, Sydney S. and together we spent years working with local bands, events, and individuals to spread the word about things we felt deserved the recognition.

YN[H] recently celebrated its fifth year in Houston, and though the company has been through some changes, I’m genuinely excited about the future and YN[H]‘s role in continuing to play its small part in helping Houston’s creative community shine.

YN[H] Media Client History

YN[H] has had the privilege of working with some really fantastic local creatives. I look forward to working with many more.


Fitzgerald’s (Marketing Coordinator)

Free Press Summer Festival (Media Coordinator)

Houston Palestine Film Festival (Media and Outreach Coordinator)

Viddyshoom (Consultant, Public Relations)


Amplifier Magazine (Contributing Writer)

Free Press Houston (Managing Editor + Contributing Writer)

Hater Magazine (Editor in Chief)

Houston Press (Contributing Writer)

Space City Rock (Contributing Writer)

Soundcheck Magazine (Contributing Writer)

Under the Radar Magazine (Copy Editor/Proofreader)


Glass the Sky

Kennedy Bakery

Motion Turns It On


Sharks & Sailors

The Literary Greats


Debbie Rodgers

DonkeeBoy (Alex Roman)